School readiness program 2017-18.


School readiness program is a recurring event in Kendriya Vidyalaya. Each year new batch of class I students take part in this event.Vidyalaya conducts various events such as school tour,Greetings by the seniors, distribution of goodies,orientation program using multimedia systems and many more such wonderful activities.

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Welcome students and parents you are part of KV now. 🙂


Trunotsava for students appeared in class X (2016-17).


KVS headquarter has taken a new initiative for all around development of students.This scheme goes by the name Tarunotsava (तरूणोत्सव) is applicable to the class X students of 2016-17 batch ( now awaiting their results),all over the India.

The two paged circular is attached herewith for in depth description of activities (basically four of them) coming under this scheme.

Please click on the links given below to access the document.

Tarunotsava notification page 1 of 2

Tarunotsava notification page 2 of 2

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