Topics for preparation of GK Quiz.


Our topic for preparation is Culture of India.

Please refer to this wiki entry to know about the subtopics that can be included for further study.

Culture of India: Wiki

There you’ll find various topics under culture. This will give you an idea about what’s there to read about. Some topics like Language,Monuments,Architecture,Dances,Music etc were already discussed.

The References and Bibliography part is quite crucial, as entry in wiki is in public domain. That means it can be added/edited by any person and can have incorrect information as well. So reading should be done through double checking by references.

Continue reading the blog as I’ll update the posts based on what me and my team will find. Suggestions from the visitors are welcome.


KVS headquarter has taken a new initiative for all around development of students.This scheme goes by the name Tarunotsava (तरूणोत्सव) is applicable to the class X students of 2017-18 batch ( now awaiting their results),all over the India.

The two paged circular is attached herewith for in depth description of activities (basically four of them) coming under this scheme.

Please click on the links given below to access the document.

Tarunotsava notification

For any queries regarding this please use the comments section for Q&A or you can contact any faculty members of school.

You need not bring your notebooks, feel free and learn something new on the way.